non alcohol wine

EsporaZero, is a non alcoholic wine brand belongs to Espora Exportaciones S.L. It´s a collaboration projects whith Mercantía Desarrollos Alimentarios S.L, a R+D+I laboratry.
We recives ERDF found from ICEX and Ministry of Industry supports in the development COGNIBIOTIC WINES projects from since 2019 and we been developed a multitude of customized free alcohol products for clients around the world.

non alcohol wine

Dealcoholization of our free wines, is carried out by means of a proprietary development method that combines low temperature evaporation, recovery of grapes aromas using membrane techniques and cryogenization, resulting in a wine dealcoholized but maintain all the components of the wine except ethanol and natural sugar from vine grapes.
Low temperature dealcoholization allows two fractions to be obtained :on the one hand, the dealcoholized wine and, on the other, an alcoholic fraction rich in aromatics compounds.
The use of innovative membrane techniques allows the alcoholic fraction to be separated into different components, recovering the aromas of the wine that can be reintroduced.

non alcohol wine

In addition, we works with cryogenization separation techniques that allows it to obtain hight end non alcoholic products, through its own technological method it obtains monovarietals dealcoholized wines that maintain the organoleptic qualities of the grapes from which they come.
Likewise by means of a technique called DEMADERA, molecules typical of winemaking processesare obtained, such as barrel aging in red wines or maceration in lees of white wines that can be incorporated into dealcoholized wine,achieving unique organoleptic qualities.

non alcohol wine red

On top of that, our wines has 99.6 % natural vine grape juice. It´s dealcoholized wines without sugar, aroma, flavouring and preservative added.
We aiming the demand of consumers who is seeking natural and healthy wines without alcohol, low calories, plants based, Halal friendly and comes with fitness and beauty formulation.

David Villalba Rodriguez
The Group Director.
Espora Esportaciones S.L