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Espora wine is one of the newest and most important online stores of  alcohol-free wines. Alcohol free withe wine,alcohol free rose or alcohol free red are very demanded in our Spanish wine shop online.
If are you wondering , where can I buy non alcoholic wines near of me?, you are in the perfect site….. ” be winebuy Spanish wine online, healthy wine…we have a great varietals of dealcoholized wines like collagen wine, fitness wine, non alcoholic sparkling cava, and many more tha you can find in our web…..Discover the satisfashion of take a wine knowing that your are taking care with your health drinking our free wines with 0% sugar and 0% alcohol and a lot of saludable benefits.


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Online wine store
We are an online wine store of non-alcoholic beverages from Spain. Spanish wines, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are among the best wines in the world, now you can buy Spanish wine without alcohol online at the best price.
Online at the best price. Our fantastic climate and an ancient winemaking tradition, allow us to produce a great variety of wines in our country.

If you want to buy non-alcoholic wine online, visit our website, where you will find the best non-alcoholic wines from Spain.
If you are a lover of good wine, you probably know some of the original wine brands from Spain. Each product in this country has a different characteristic properties, you will not find two wines with the same personality, so when you are tasting the best wines of Spain
personality, so when you are tasting Spanish wines you have the feeling of traveling through each of the communities of this beautiful country …..

Our online wine cellar does not stop working in the elaboration and selection of the best non-alcoholic wines, which is a hard work because the quality of all the wines produced in Spain are of an extraordinary quality.
quality. That is why if you are looking for a Spanish wine you must choose between more than 4000 different varieties.
Do you know the Spanish non-alcoholic wines?
In our online store of non-alcoholic wines, we offer you the best selection of non-alcoholic wines from our Spanish wine company Espora, of course, wines with an incredible price. Try now our great Spanish wine and enjoy the
Spanish wine and enjoy the experience, you can buy non-alcoholic wine at the best prices on the market,
and you will surely repeat again and again.
Buy wines online of the best quality and at the best prices.

Denominations of origin, wines Ribera del Duero, Jerez, Rías Baixas, Penedés, Navarra, Rioja, Somontano, Rueda, … all these denominations of origin, are living legend of the tradition in the millenary elaboration of Spanish wines.
Our online sales of wine 0% alcohol and 0% added sugars, allow you to get the best Spanish de-alcoholized wine at the best price. Even if you are outside of Spain, we have advantages for our customers and for our distributors
The delivery of Espora alcohol-free wines anywhere in the world is not a problem for us because we have a powerful logistics system.

Another advantage to take into account is that we produce and distribute all kinds of wines. Red wine, white wine, rosé wine and sparkling wines such as cava and champagne, including our fantastic 24K Gold sparkling cava.
Each and every one of them, with the character and quality of Spanish wine.
Even if you are looking for an online liquor store, you can visit our selection of spirits drinks and find drinks from all over the world and from Spain as well.
EsporawineYour Online Wine Cellar
We offer a wide selection of non-alcoholic wines adapted to all tastes and budgets, but always, we offer the highest quality typical of the best Spanish wine products.

In our catalog, Esporawine has selected a variety of high quality spirits and non-alcoholic beverages such as non-alcoholic collagen wine, non-alcoholic fitness wine and other interesting non-alcoholic beverages that you are going to discover in our
alcohol-free beverages that you will discover on our website.

We know that you love wine but not always and depending on the situation, we can not drink alcohol. That is why Esporawine’s non-alcoholic wines are presented as a great alternative to wine with alcohol,
you have to try a young Spanish wine, a Premium wine, a Crianza wine ……. In our online wine store you will find them.

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Do you know about non-alcoholic wine?
Non-alcoholic” wine should be understood to mean that for wine to be non-alcoholic, it must have been alcoholic before and then had this alcohol removed.

We can find several methods to remove alcohol from wine, reports the Institute of Food Technologists. But reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation are the most commonly used to remove alcohol from wines. In vacuum distillation, the wine is subjected to high temperatures until the alcohol evaporates.

In reverse osmosis, the wine passes through a series of filters and these filters separate the alcohol according to the size of the particles, these wine particles being larger than those of water.

Can we find alcohol in an alcohol-free wine?
Actually any alcohol-free wine that has been de-alcoholized and has undergone a fermentation process can have traces of alcohol, this can be up to 0.5% which is relatively little.

Choosing a good non-alcoholic wine
Increasingly, there is a huge variety of non-alcoholic wines on the market. Health trends and good habits, as well as other restrictions, have made non-alcoholic wine a highly demanded product in many countries. That is why our company has elaborated for our customers all over the world a wide selection of non-alcoholic wines 100% healthy wines, free sugar wines, fitness wine or wine rich in collagen.

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Espora Non Alcoholic Wines

A New Generation of Winemakers

Our product families feature uniqueness and exceptional quality. Made with the best grapes from Galicia, Castilla de la Mancha and also from La Rioja, our non-alcoholic wines are made by master winemakers with the wisdom of traditional winemakers who characterize the quality of Spanish wines.

If you have ever wondered where to buy non-alcoholic wines such as non-alcoholic red wine, non-alcoholic rosé or non-alcoholic white wine? This is your place.

espora non alcoholic wine
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Espora alcohol- free wines want to show you our magnificent Premium quality non-alcoholic Sparkling the traditional method or “champenoise” method. Once the cuvée has been obtained from a scented white variety such as Macabeo with the combination of a Chardonnay.The luxury and sophistication of this non-alcoholic Sparkling, Halal Wine makes it one of the best non-alcoholic drinks of 2021.

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EsporaSpain Premium

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non alcoholic wine red



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Our Non Alcoholic Red Wines

  • Healthy red wine
  • Alcohol free red wine
  • Sugar free red wine


Our Non Alcoholic Withe Wines

  • Healthy white wine
  • Alcohol free white wine
  • Sugar free white  wine
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non alcoholic wine fitness wine



We present you our range of Fitness red wine.

If you are looking for a wine for a healthy lifestyle, a wine 100% without added sugars and 100% without alcohol here is it. Espora Fitness is not only a healthy wine,it is one of the most sold alcohol-free wine in 2021,espora fitness ,is the wine of athletesor simply who have decided to have a better lifestyle without alcohol.



This light and fresh pink wine goes perfectly with
the woman of today. Bella Vida means “Beautiful Life”. Young Cabernet Sauvignon, blush pink semi-sweet wine.

Take care of your health drinking this fantastic free alcohol wine whit in collagen.

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